What are the best types of water to drink?

While drinking water, we mostly don't think about which type of water it is. Well, if truth to be told, different types of water have different effects, good or bad on our bodies and all these water types have different properties and benefits. Also, it would be difficult to identify any one of them as purest water as all of these water types are processed to meet the standards regulated by the government authorities. How about taking a glimpse of all these water types and know about their specific properties?

Distilled water 

Here, through the distillation process, many of its impurities are removed. The distillation process involves first boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container. Most of the time, distilled water is suggested by health experts when you are infected with something or when you have a bladder infection and you need to keep hydrated. As soon as you are free from the infection, it is recommended to switch to purified water. Distilled water has additives that will bond with toxins and draw them out of the body. 

Natural alkaline water 

There are many myths prevail in the public forum about natural alkaline water which lacks some scientific evidence. For example, alkaline water is considered to neutralise the acid in the body and provide more hydration than regular tap water. However, there is not enough evidence to back these claims. Even many medical experts and professionals don't back these claims as there is no clear evidence that proves that water with a high pH can change pH in the body. The blood's pH level is regulated by the stomach which neutralises hydrochloric acid. There are alkaline water machines also available in the market.

Deionised water 

Water from which the ions have been removed is deionised water and an exchange process is applied to get rid of these ions present in normal water. Some of the ions are Cu2+, Ca2+, and Mg2+. Most of the time, deionised water is used in laboratories and oxygen-assistance breathing apparatus. Deionised water allows for better and superior functioning of the oxygen apparatus. 

Purified water 

Purified water is considered a better drinking water option as it has been purified and all the toxins and chemicals are removed from it. Purified water undergoes many water processing techniques such as reverse osmosis, sterilisation, sediment flirtation and mineral re-injection. Across the globe, purified water is used for drinking as well as other purposes such as cooking, baby's bottles and is considered safe. 

Spring water 

Natural spring water is the best bottled water as it has all the natural minerals and is on a slightly alkaline side. However, before you purchase a spring bottled water, check out the source of the water. Local spring water is the best for all the health benefits. It is recommended that you do your research before you end up purchasing the bottled spring water. 


These are five types of water with their unique properties and qualities. When it comes to purest water, spring water and purified water are the best two options you have. However, spring water has an added advantage that it is full of natural minerals and it also tastes better.